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The Geographical Council of Turkic States was established

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The Geographical Council of Turkic States was established 22.05.2023 12:51

"The Geographical Council of Turkic States was established"


On May 8, 2023, the board founding meeting of the “Geographic Council of the Turkic States” (hereinafter referred to as the Council) was held at the Hilton Hotel in Tashkent.

It was attended by the heads of the Geographical Societies of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, a representative of the Organization of Turkic States, as well as media representatives and others.

Based on the documents Turkic world vision-2040 and The chairmanship concept of Uzbekistan in the Organization of Turkic States, development of NGO and people to people cooperation including growth of joint social, cultural and educational activities by the relevant institutions of the Member States to further enrich the sense of togetherness among the Turkic societies, also in order to further develop and deepen comprehensive cooperation, the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan took the initiative to establish the Geographical Council of Turkic States

During the meeting, the "Tashkent" agreement on the establishment of the Council was signed, its further purposes and tasks were determined. An agreement was also reached on coordinating the plans and activities of the Council. Norinbayev Oybek Kabiljanovich - PhD, Chairman of the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan, was elected General Secretary of the Council. It was decided to establish the headquarters of the secretariat and locate it in the city of Tashkent.

The Secretary General of the Council, Oybek Kabiljanovich Norinbaev, expressed gratitude to the leaders of the Geographical Societies of the Turkish States for participating in the meeting and also for supporting the initiative of the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan to create this Council.

In addition, the Secretary General emphasized the importance of giving a new impetus to efforts aimed at further research and popularization of the historical heritage of our ancestors, their role and significance in the development of modern civilization and is proud that they created bright pages in the great history of the Turkic world. Besides, it is necessary to study these invaluable heritages, preserve and pass them on to the rising future generation. At the same time, the Secretary General expressed confidence that the Turkic world, which has long been one of the leaders in the field of science and knowledge, will once again contribute to their development and emphasized that this Council will serve as an effective platform for mutual cooperation of the geographical societies of the Turkic countries in achieving the set purposes and tasks.

The Purposes and tasks of the Geographical Council of Turkic States:

- development of effective regional and complex cooperation in the field of geography, geoecology and other areas of common interest;

- wide dissemination of knowledge in the field of geography, support for the formation of a geographical and environmental outlook;

- joint implementation of geodetic and cartographic studies and data exchange;

- creation of favorable conditions for the expansion of relations in the field of science, technology, geography, education, culture, ecology;

- exchange of achievements in the field of geography, science, innovations and technologies and their joint implementation;

- mutual study of information about geographical maps, relief, earth's crusts, their characteristics, seasons, natural zones, rivers, lakes, landforms and the population of the earth;

- assessment and forecasting of changes in the nature of the earth's surface, its climate and economic activity, changes in the natural and social environment and assistance in finding ways to solve them;

- organization of research work, development of projects and their implementation, exchange of experience on topical issues related to mutual areas;

- Organization and holding of scientific olympiads, competitions. Selection of participants of the International Olympiad and encouragement of winners;

- Joint publication of scientific articles and journals of the geographical societies of the Turkish states and strengthening their influence;

- Development of proposals for the growth of other perspective directions of cooperation.

At the meeting, the leaders of the Geographical Societies of the Turkish States in their speeches highly appreciated the initiative taken by the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan regarding the creation of the Council and emphasized that it was the first time that geographic societies were gathering in such a format and that this Council would be a great impetus for opening a new path towards geography and mutual cooperation and significant achievements will be made in the future. In addition, they expressed special appreciation for the organization of the high-level meeting.

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