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During 2019, a Working Group organized 3 expeditionary activities throughout the country

In particular, the first expedition was organized in the Tashkent region. Members of the Working Group N.T.Shamuratova, R.A.Ibragimova, K.A.Krakhmal, A.Yarkulov, B.Egamov and a number of specialists in September 2019 on the territory of Bostanlyk, Akhangaran districts and the city of Angren studied and collected information about holy places and mausoleums, such as: the place of Kulbulok (the city of Angren), the mausoleum of Shoabdumalik ota, Sardoba (Akhangaran), the mausoleum of Shaikh Umar Valiy Bogistoniy, the Petroglyphs of Khojikent, the holy place Chinor, the mausoleum of Kadamchi Buva, Avliyosoy-Ikrima ota and the Obirakhmat cave (Bostanlyk).

The second expedition took place on November 26-30, 2019 with the participation of members of the working group N. T. Shamuratova, B. Yu. Egamov, B. Kamolov and local volunteers, as well as with the participation of B. M. Abdurakhimov, during which about 10 historical and cultural sites in Chust, Pop, Turakurgan, and Chartak districts were studied.

On December 24-28, 2019, the third expedition to the Surkhandarya region was organized. Project participants N.T.Shamuratova, R.Ibragimova, B.Egamov, specialist of the Surkhandarya regional branch of the Geographic Society of Uzbekistan K.Turaev, employee of the Surkhandarya regional tourism department Sh.Ibragimov and senior teacher of the Department of History of Uzbekistan at Termez State University H.Oynazarov, and from volunteers, teachers of the 15th school of the Shurchinsky district of the Surkhandarya region S.Elkhanov and Sh.Abdurakimov took part in this expedition.

During the expedition, about 10 historical and cultural sites of the city of Termez, Termez, Angora, Sherabad, Dzharkurgan, Kumkurgan, Shurchi, Uzun, Denau and Baysun districts were studied.

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